Monday, June 10, 2013

Chips and Dip (low carb style)

Part of my Xyngular diet is eating low carb. I usually drink a protein shake for breakfast, a 500-600 calorie meal for lunch, and endless protein and green veggies for dinner. On shake days (when I drink 3 shakes instead of meals), I get two 6 oz. protein snacks. I always struggle with snacks because I get tired of eggs, cheese, nuts, and chicken. There are also days when I desperately want a snack like chips and dip, but that's obviously not a good protein snack. Therefore, it was time to find an alternative!

Today's Snack is...... Pepperoni Chips with Greek Yogurt Ranch Dip


Pepperoni Slices (I use Turkey)
Greek Yogurt
Ranch Season Mix


line a baking sheet with aluminum foil
lay out pepperonis on the sheet 
Bake on 425 for 10 minutes
pat pepperonis to remove excess fat


Mix greek yogurt with a ranch season packet

*i normally just make enough for one serving, so i sprinkle the season mix until it has the taste I want

Nutrition Facts (for 20 chips and 1 oz of dip)

Fat.... 4G
Sodium... 726MG
Carbs... 4G
Fiber... 1G
Sugar... 2G
Protein... 9G

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