Sunday, October 3, 2010

AWANA- August and September

We have had an unbelievably amazing year thus far in AWANA!! God has truly blessed us with an amazing staff and an awesome group of kids! Here are a few pictures of what AWANA has looked like this year! We are looking forward to GREAT rest of the year!! Do you know a 2 yr. old- 6th Grade aged child? We would love to have them join us in AWANA! It takes place on Wednesday evenings from 5:45- 7:30. The OASIS opens at 5:15 on Wednesdays!!

This year, we added a corporate worship service for all of the groups. This is a picture taken in August during the worship service portion. 

In August, we were pleased to have The Leckie Family come and speak about their journey as foreign missionaries. 

Dr. Leckie showing some pictures.

The Sparks won the award for bringing the most visitors. They received a pizza party. Here are a few shots from that party.

In September, Jason Russell told us about Salvation by cutting a piece of paper. After worship, he went around to each group to allow the kids to cut their paper to make a cross. Here he is working with the Sparks. 

This is a picture taken from T&T game time!! 

Now I have two videos to share. 

This is a video that was taken in the Puggles Room.... They have a lot of fun, and the Puggles know their songs!! 

This video was taken during Cubbies game time--- this goes to show that AWANA is not only for kids, adults like it too : )

AWANA Girly Day

Once each semester we try to have a day just for the boys to hang out, and one day just for the girls to hang out. This semester, I decided to have full girly day for the girls! The girls enjoyed girly time at camp, so I thought it would go over well for AWANA too. It did! We had a super fun day, full of manicures, facials, make-up, and hair doing. It was so much fun! We ended the event by talking about the things that make you a beautiful person on the inside! If you want a play-by-play of the devotion, see Rileigh Walters. She was all ears and can tell you all about being modest!! Here are a few pictures from all of the girly fun (Thank you, Brandi for taking the pictures for me)!! 

The view from the front door.

One of the little princesses....

The girls all getting seated for devotion time...

Devotion time...

Facial time!! 

A boys only day is in the planning stage!!