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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday.... Goals Met, Rewards, and Low Carb Pancakes!

Before I share the recipe for low carb pancakes that I promised in Meal Planning Monday,  I have an announcement to make!!!

Sunday was the end of my 20th week with Xyngular, and I can proudly say that in 20 weeks, I lost 50.4 pounds and a total of 58 inches!!!!! Below you will see the most recent transformation picture... I plan on doing a really good one at 60 pounds lost, as that will be my halfway point.

Let's talk about rewards for a moment. I have a reward system set up for myself because, lets face it, we are encouraged and motivated by rewards!

For -25 lbs, I gave myself a mani/pedi

For -35 lbs, I gave myself a subscription to birchbox.

For -42 lbs (it was a personal goal), I gave myself a diamond candle :)

For -60 lbs, I will give myself a hair makeover ( which is when I will do an official transformation picture)

For -75 lbs, I haven't decided... I will either buy myself something nice or maybe a roadtrip

For -90 lbs, I plan on another diamond candle, mani/pedi, new make-up

For -100 lbs, it will time for new hair again!

For -120 lbs (which is ultimate goal), I plan on buying myself an iPad!!

Do you set goals for yourself? If so, what are some of your ideas?

Low Carb/ Ricotta Pancakes will have to be delayed... decided to eat Zaxby's yesterday (fyi one meal is an entire day's worth of calories) and I wasn't hungry last night, so i skipped dinner.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday :)

I feel like I am getting good at coming up with these little slogans for each day! Of course, I live by the mantra that teachers beg, borrow, and steal, so I suppose I do that a lot in all aspects of life ;)

Anyways, today is WEIGHT LOSS WEDNESDAY! Each Wednesday, I plan to share something about my weight loss journey whether it be a picture, a recipe, a sales pitch, or a shout out to some one else on this crazy journey with me.

Today, I am going to give a little overview of my journey to this point.

On January 21, 2013, a little red box by the name of IGNITE entered my life. Ignite is program powered by Xyngular! If you click on the word Xyngular, it will bring you the website to check it out!!! Since January 21, 2013, I have lost 47.6 lbs! I understand that Xyngular isn't for everyone, and I am not trying to convince you that it's the best, but it has worked for me and my family! I drink some protein shakes, I take supplements, I count calories, I live a low carb lifestyle, I read boxes religiously, and I exercise lightly. Those things may not be for you, but I can tell you this.... if you aren't willing to change your lifestyle, you're not going to see results. I am not trying to sell you this, but if you are interested in what I am doing, I would love to answer questions and talk more about Xyngular with you! I can sell the products! The videos on the website linked above really explain the products! Everyone should at least check them out just to see what it is that has changed my life!!!

While I am thrilled to have lost 47.6 lbs, I have a long ways to go. This is why I am putting it out here. If everyone knows my business, then maybe I will keep going as planned!! My next goal is 60 lbs, but I will probably celebrate when I hit -50 just because that seems so surreal!!!

I will leave everyone with my first transformation picture!

The left side was taken last summer, and I probably weight 5-10 lbs less than I did when I started Xyngular. The picture on the right was taken in April when I had lost 40 lbs.  

If you're on a weight loss journey, please share your story with me! Let's keep each other encouraged!

Find me on My Fitness Pal at amaree5595 :)

Peace, Love, and Geaux Tigers :)