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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Teacher Tuesday :)

Of course, if I am going to get back into blogging, I am going to need a theme each day! Most of what I am up to is teacher stuff, so let's geaux Teacher Tuesday! 

Anyone else super excited to be out for summer, yet spending all of their time putting a plan together for next year?! I know I am!!!

I'm not in the classroom anymore, but I may as well be. I still teach a reading lesson based on the common core curriculum units established by our district to each grade Pre-K- 8th. I went ahead last week and made a curriculum map and lessons plans for all grades for the first 9 weeks of school!!! I am determined to be super prepared this year! 

In library news, I have decided on an AR theme thanks to this little boy : )

The theme is..... PIRATES!

At BEEMS, we are HOOKED on READING! (with Captain Hook)

The AR slogan is "Racing for the Treasure." On the display wall, we will have a beach mural with "Treasure Island" to the right. Each class will get a pirate ship. For each person that meets their goal, their pirate ship moves closer to Treasure Island.

I am using the Walt Disney quote, "There is more treasure in books than in all of the loot on Treasure Island" to gear the theme more towards reading. It's hard to pick themes that a kindergarten student and an 8th grade student will enjoy, but I think this one appeases to all ages. WIth Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Pirates of the Caribbean, I am hoping this will be a success.

I have retired all of the Dr. Seuss least until March...bring on the pirates! 

Here are a few on my pinterest pins for the library (sorry- cannot get the link to work.... grrr. Find the My Pirate Classroom board on my pinterest to find links for these fabulous ideas that I plan to steal from someone :))

I'll do something like this for the door....

Reading Log for K- 2...

My two goals for the upcoming year are......................

#1. Have entire classes meet goals each 9 weeks

#2. Focus on K-2 reading fluently and with comprehension, and meeting their goals.

More to come in the following weeks....

Peace, Love, and Geaux Tigers : )

Friday, March 11, 2011

Moor Door Decor- Spring Break Edition

I do actually have other things to blog about, but this is more fun... After spring break, I will blog about Disney!! For March, I wanted something springy, and I wanted to incorperate a little Disney into the door since I will be making magic at Disney World over spring break : )

I am in love with quotes these days... I find that most of the time other people can state think 10 times better than I can, so i have decided to just let them say it best. With that said, I try to let quotes inspire my door themes. For March, I found that easy. Walt Disney once said, "There is more treasure in a book than in all the pirate's loot on treasure island." I used this quote to inspire this little mural....

***i will be the first to admit that these ideas are much better in my head. i am inpatient, so i work quickly. this creates numerous flaws in the design compared to the image i pictured.....

This is a view of the entire door... Treasure Island

The inspiration...

Mickey in our ship... the kids named is U.S.S. Rice, but you can barely see that.

The tree on the island... poor tree. let's just say palm trees are not my specialty.

The treasure chest..... since Walt Disney says there is more treasure in books, the kids made jewels with their favorite book titles on them. So here you have a treasure chest of awesome books.  They had a lot of fun doing this.

A close up of the jewels.

Have a great spring break! I will make a little magic for everyone out there!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Order of Importance

This year, I have a smart board in my classroom!!!! I am SOOOOOO EXCITED!! Currently, the only computer I have in the classroom is not compatible with the smart board software, so it will only act a projector and screen. I am not complaining though because I love powerpoints! However, I will be super excited when it's all up and running!! I am going to try to post some of the powerpoints I create for class, and put them on here, in case there is anyone who would like to use them. Right now the powerpoints are just plain powerpoints. However, you can take them and make them your own, and make them smart board friendly (and maybe you could give me tips on how to make them smart board friendly)!! 

Please let me know if there are any typos! I am trying to get them, but I keep catching new ones! Also, I am new to the smart board era, so any resources you can share, I am all ears :)

This week, we are studying Order of Importance. This powerpoint is on that, and it a good opener to text structure!  Enjoy!! 

In order to view this weeks' powepoint, you will have the click here.

Sorry guys, this was the best I could do.. I'm sleepy!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grad School!

So...... I decided on my birthday that I miss school. Now, I know you may be wondering how someone can miss school when they are at school everyday. Well, I miss being the student. I have always loved school. When I got an e-mail about the University of Texas' masters of education in literacy studies, I became really giddy about going back to school. Literacy is what I am currently teaching - reading and English. It's also what I love! Therefore, this degree is something I was very excited about pursuing. The more I looked into it, the better the deal was. Not only was I in love with the courses, they were all geared to middle grades, which is what I also teach.

After about a month of consideration, I applied the week before spring break. Yesterday, I was pleased to check my e-mail and find an acceptance letter from UT saying that I would be starting May 24th!! I am soooooooo excited!!