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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday.... Grocery List

I have a lot of people asking me what I eat and what I buy at the grocery store while I am losing weight. so this week, I will be sharing some of my favorites that end up in my cart every time I am at the store! I probably have about 20 staples, but today, I'm just going to share my top 9!

1. Greek Goddess Plain Greek Yogurt! 
This stuff is WONDERFUL with a little xypstick and strawberries. I eat this at least 4 times a week! Good source of protein! I have tried and looked at every label of almost every plain greek yogurt, and this wins hands down!

2. Eggs!
I eat these boiled, poached, scrambled, in an omelet, in my salad.... Quick and Easy Protein!

3. Pre- Cooked Bacon
I eat this alone, with eggs, on my salad, on my sandwich.... It's super thin and crispy, so it has fewer calories and sodium content! Not as fatty as other brands, so it's more protein!

4. Laughing Cow Cheese!
This is seriously my favorite! Easiest way to add flavor with out a bunch of added calories and sodium! 30 calories per wedge! Perfect with almost anything! I even like their sweet flavors!

5. Weight Watchers Cheese Sticks
These are actually cheeper than the other versions, and they have fewer calories, sodium, and other things. Other brands probably taste a little better, but I can't justify the price over how cheep these are!

6. Jif Natural Peanut Butter To- Go
I LOVE peanut butter, and I have a hard time stopping at the suggested serving size, so these are good for watching the servings (because pb is high in calories!). I also like that I can keep these with me if I get hungry!

7. 100 Calorie Pack Cocoa Roasted Almonds
These are just perfect. They cure my sweet tooth every time! No, they are not as healthy as regular almonds, but they are a lot healthier than chocolate covered almonds!!!

8. Bacon wrapped Pork Loin
These are like $1.50 at Walmart, and they are sooooooooo good! They come in individual portions, so you can decide how many you want to cook. Yes, pork and bacon is high in sodium, so I try to eat this for lunch or earlier in the evening. They are just soooo goood- especially for the price!!! 

9. Frozen Chicken Breast
Thanks to pinterest, there are a million recipes I like to try with chicken. These bags of chicken are easy for me as a single girl to cook up each night. Just remove the amount I like from the bag and cook! And, the price isn't too bad either!

So, now you have my top 9 staples! What are some of your staples?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Low Carb Pancakes

2 posts in 1 day?!? whaaaaat!! Actually, this one belongs with the other one, but I couldn't get it all out at one time, so here we go with post 2 for the day! :)

Decided to make waffles instead of pancakes because I have yet to use the waffle maker I got for Christmas that mom, Spenser, and Michael fought for during Black Friday! However.... I think these work better in pancake form. I did alter the recipe to what I thought would give me really good waffles, but really there were just pancakes in waffle shapes.

This isn't my recipe entirely. A girl doing xyngular with me posted it in our recipe group on My Fitness Pal. She found the recipe in a really old cookbook.... see cookbooks are still gems :)

Low Carb Ricotta Pancakes

4 eggs 
1 cup ricotta cheese 
1/2 vanilla flavored whey protein powder
1 teaspoon baking powder 

walnute or pecans
chocolate chips

Spray griddle with non-stick cooking spray.

In a mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs , butter, and ricotta until smooth. Whisk in the protein powder, baking powder. Mix until well combined. 

Drop batter onto the griddle... amount depending on your preference of size. Flip pancake when it starts bubbling.

Serve with real butter, sugar-free syrup or jelly, or Splenda and cinnamon.

Nutrion Facts (no options added or topping) 

Serving: 1 waffle

Calories: 182

Fat: 13 g

Sodium: 87 mg

Carbs: 2.8 g

Fiber: 0

Sugar: .6 g

Protein: 14 g

***I use full fat everything because I am on a low carb diet, and low fat means high sugar and carb count.
****Nutrional Facts are based on the brands of ingredients I used. I sit in the store and read every label to get the best facts. That may not be the case for you.

Peace, Love, and Geaux Tigers

P.S. On the blog tomorrow-------- CHEAT Day (Pasta Edition)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday :)

I feel like I am getting good at coming up with these little slogans for each day! Of course, I live by the mantra that teachers beg, borrow, and steal, so I suppose I do that a lot in all aspects of life ;)

Anyways, today is WEIGHT LOSS WEDNESDAY! Each Wednesday, I plan to share something about my weight loss journey whether it be a picture, a recipe, a sales pitch, or a shout out to some one else on this crazy journey with me.

Today, I am going to give a little overview of my journey to this point.

On January 21, 2013, a little red box by the name of IGNITE entered my life. Ignite is program powered by Xyngular! If you click on the word Xyngular, it will bring you the website to check it out!!! Since January 21, 2013, I have lost 47.6 lbs! I understand that Xyngular isn't for everyone, and I am not trying to convince you that it's the best, but it has worked for me and my family! I drink some protein shakes, I take supplements, I count calories, I live a low carb lifestyle, I read boxes religiously, and I exercise lightly. Those things may not be for you, but I can tell you this.... if you aren't willing to change your lifestyle, you're not going to see results. I am not trying to sell you this, but if you are interested in what I am doing, I would love to answer questions and talk more about Xyngular with you! I can sell the products! The videos on the website linked above really explain the products! Everyone should at least check them out just to see what it is that has changed my life!!!

While I am thrilled to have lost 47.6 lbs, I have a long ways to go. This is why I am putting it out here. If everyone knows my business, then maybe I will keep going as planned!! My next goal is 60 lbs, but I will probably celebrate when I hit -50 just because that seems so surreal!!!

I will leave everyone with my first transformation picture!

The left side was taken last summer, and I probably weight 5-10 lbs less than I did when I started Xyngular. The picture on the right was taken in April when I had lost 40 lbs.  

If you're on a weight loss journey, please share your story with me! Let's keep each other encouraged!

Find me on My Fitness Pal at amaree5595 :)

Peace, Love, and Geaux Tigers :)