Friday, June 25, 2010

Centri - Kid Blog

We made the official Centri- Kid blog!!! You can visit to a picture of our girls!!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Pictures from Centri- Kid 2010

These are the last of the pictures I took at Centri-Kid, but first, a few words about the week.

It was a bittersweet ending! I LOVED LOVED LOVED camp! More so than I ever remembering liking camp as a youth! For me, this was the best week of camp I have ever experienced! I sure hope the kids feel the same way I do. With that said, I am tired! The kids were tired. It was time to come back to reality- and squeeze in a little sleep! I will miss camp this week, and miss the staffers that our kids really got attached to!

I thought about camp today as I drove from Clinton to Natchez to Baton Rouge to Natchez to Woodville. This camp awed me. I have been apart of Junior Camp (a camp we used to put on for our kids at Parkway, but put a pause on it a few years ago) since I was in first grade, either as a camper, a visitor, or a leader. I love junior camp. It was a sad day for me when the decision was made to put a pause on camp, but I knew it was absolutely the best decision for many reasons. I was very sceptable about going to another camp. I didn't want to send our kids to a camp where the focus was going to be on track times and recreation. I wanted our kids to go to a camp where the Gospel was the focus. Our kids went to Centri- Kid last year, but I was unable to attend,so I still did not have a good picture of Centri- Kid. I will say, after going this year, and being apart of camp, I was awed every day. The camp pastor has talents for teaching the Gospel that are unexplainable. He crunched toes, had them laughing, and had them begging for more of the word in every service. He was not afraid to approach topics with the kids that are rarely discussed with adults. He was able to take these topics, Spiritual Gifts for example, and convey them on child's level without sacrificing any depth. It was truly an awesome experience to be apart of. The worship leader's main focus was worship- not rock band like you tend to see at some camps. He took time to explain the lyrics of the songs to the kids and then explained how they related to the message. He used the worship services as a classroom to teach the campers what worship was, how to be reverant during worship, how to worship,etc. That was also an awesome experience. By the end of the day, the kids had no doubts about what the message of the day was. It was conveyed to them in everything they did - bible study, rec, track times, worship, morning meeting, and the late night party. I give props to the CK3 staff and leaders for a job well done. It was truly a life changing week for everyone in attendance.

This week also gave me a lot of ideas. I have been struggling with several things and trying to figure out how to get different ideas to work and several ideas and plans were developed this week--these things will be discussed later.

Now on to the group... We took 18 AWESOME kids to camp! They were wonderful!! I am so excited to have been able to spend a week with them! I also had 3 WONDERFULLY AMAZING adults with me! Without the three of them, we would have all been in trouble this week. They held us together and really helped out!

Now onto the pictures!!

Well after all of that, the computer will not allow me to upload the pictures today... here is a link to my facebook album that has all of the picures from camp... the news one are towards the end. Here is a group picture!!

***facebook isn't cooperating either- here is the video i made that contains all of the pictures from camp. the songs are songs we sang at camp!!

Please click on the link below and it will take you to the video!

We have signed up for Centri- Kid 2011!!! It will be July 18-22 at Milsaps College in Jackson, MS!! We are very excited about this!! We have be having informational meeting in August to sign- up and get deposits! You will not want to miss Centri- Kid 2011! The theme will be God Provides! We will be doing fundraisers again, so be on the look out for information for Centri- Kid 2011

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today was OMC!! It is extremely complicated to explain, so I am not going to try to put it into words. Here are a few pictures I was able to capture!

The calm before the storm!!! - with yellow in the back!
Green Team!
Red Team!! 
Blue Team!!

Natalie and Allyson completing a task!! 
Dillon and Daniel completing a task!
Mrs. Danielle helping Hannah and Erin complete a task!
Corryn and her yellow leader!
Allyson getting help on a task! 

Mrs. Danielle trading shoes with Allison for a task! 

Mattie Paige pausing for a picture!

Andrew Cole darting across the field trying to beat the clock!
Sammy reading her next task! 
Owen and Daniel working together on a task!
Anna getting her next task! 
The "No Fly Zone"
Allison and Erin working together!
Natalie completing a task for Mrs. Danielle!
Allyson and Natalie trading shoes for their last task!!

This was my first OMC, and it was soooooo much fun!! We bought the game, so we will be figuring out how to use it soon!!! 

Centri- Kid Day 3

Tuesday was all about the girls, so if you're a mother of a boy- sorry. All I have is girly pictures today!!

Some of the girls gave their babies back today- they decided mothering was NOT for them. Others are still sticking it out. Some, like Allyson Cole, decided she didn't like her baby, so she got a new one : ) These babies have been a trip!!

Here are a few pictures from our free time. We went to girly time, where they braid hair, paint faces, and paint nails. The girls really like this! Then we went to the coffee shop and played a few lawn games!!

Natalie getting a web put into her hair!!

Some of the Parkway girls at girly time. 
Erin getting her nails painted!
Natalie getting her face painted! 
Playing the karate chop game in front of Jazzmine's.
Hanging out during "hang time."
Erin enjoying a smoothie! 

I am going to post a separate blog for OMC in a little while! 

Bon Appetit! 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Centri- Kid Day 2

We have had a day of funnies!!! 

For starters, we have 3 Allison's (spelled in different ways) and 1 Allye. Things can get a little confusing fast!!

Allison Hendry is my cousin and she has 2 older sisters. Her oldest is at Governor's School in Columbus for the month, and the middle sister is at Centri- fuge in North Carolina this week. So, I asked her today what does she think her mother is doing without her, Jess and Sarah, and she replied, "I don't know, but I am having fun. She has Ace (their 1 yr. old dog) and she likes him more than us, so she is fine." You can tell she isn't getting homesick!!!

Some of the funnies will be explained in some of our pictures!!

Morning Celebration!! 
You can barely tell they only had 2 hours of sleep last night...
The Party day 2- Anna and Natalie! 
The boys having a blast! 

New best friends- Allison H and Hannah!!! 
Dillon and Daniel or Deodorant and Donut 
Andrew Cole being "gangster" as he says. 
Corryn and Allyson Cole at the Party
Tonight Owen was picked to play a game on stage!
and so did Erin!! 
They had to compete against each other- I think the girls won!!
Congrats moms- you are now grandmothers!!! 
All of the girls that chose babysitting 101 has a babydoll they get to carry around all week and take care of. These two will be reported to child abuse before then, though! Caylee decided she was going to teach her child to walk today--- by dragging him on the ground. Allye misplaced her child, then found him when she sat on him. Poor kids. I have heard them all say that being a mother was HARD work- and these babies do not even use the bathroom and cry! 
Corryn also has a baby, but she takes better care of hers- 
well at least what i have witnessed.
Allyson and Allye after tonight's events
Corryn and Sami after worship this evening.

We have another BUSY day tomorrow. I will try to post more pictures then, but I have a major assignment due every night this week starting tomorrow, so I will have to wait until after I submit my homework!! 


Centri- Kid Day 1

We arrived all safe and sound at MC yesterday!! The kids were all pumped up until they saw the hill they had to carry their luggage up : )

We have had so much fun so far and look forward to a wonderful rest of the week!!

Here are the girls ready for dinner and opening celebration!! 

Some of the girls pumped up during opening celebration!

The boys pumped up during opening celebration!!

Having fun at "The Party"

More fun at "The Party"

Andrew, Owen, and Dillon at "The Party"

Andrew Cole was chosen to go on stage and play a game. 
I think he may have won!! 

Andrew playing the game at "The Party"

Playing a name game at church group devotion!

More name game..... His name is Clint, and he is going on a trip. 
On that trip, he is going to bring a Chesnut, cessnut, cesly, but not a Cessna.... 

His name is Andrew, and he is going on a trip. 
On that trip, he is going to bring the alphabet. 

The kids are at track times right now. I think they all got what they wanted, and they are super excited! We have hang time at 3:45, and I think they decided they wanted to hit the pool! Then we will go to dinner, OMC, The Party, Worship, and Church Devotion! 

I am personally hoping some of the girls decide to sleep tonight!! They were all tooooooo excited about today to sleep last night!! I will try to post pictures from today sometime tonight after lights out!!