Saturday, December 31, 2011

Peace Out, 2011

I am usually into typical blog posts like this, but I saw several friends doing it, and I thought I would give it a try this year.

**disclaimer- I am attaching pictures from my phone, so they will not be in the order j want them to be. Just a warning.

The start of the year was all about little man, brenden. My how he has grown in a year. He talks, and talks a lot! At school, we were hoping for snow.

Normally, I'd be gearing up for Mardi Gras during this month, but mardi Gras was late this year. At school, I decorated for Mardi Gras to get ready for March. I also had a birthday during this month! I got a pretty special present. My grandmother passed away last August, and I got her engagement ring. I just love it! I started a train ride in February that continuously gained speed until 2 weeks ago. I missed a week of school with the Flu- worst experience of my life. The next week, I had jury duty for the first time. I was chosen to be on the grand jury or the next year. I learned a lot through this experience, and overall, I am glad I was chosen.

March brought Mardi Gras, 9 weeks exams, and Spring break! This year, we went to Disney World for the break! Words do not express how much I enjoyed the week!

April was super busy as well! At school, it was MCT2 crunch time. At church, I had something every week as we prepared for the end of AWANA and the beginning of summer.

Yay May! May was my last month at WCES. During this month, I started a new, exciting, scary journey to beginning a new job! I accepted a library media specialist position at Bolton- Edwards Elem/ Mid School. also, my sweet cousin Sarah graduated from high school!

You would think that summer would mean lazy days, but that was not the case for me. At the church, we were busy with day trips, Narnia bible study, and my very first VBS experience! Wow! That was the craziest, most stressfully, wonderful thing ever! The same week of VBS, I attended new teacher orientation in Byram, and I bought a house! Yes, I said I BOUGHT A HOUSE! What a week/month?!

Hello craziest month ever. Wrapping things up at the church, packing, prepping my house, cleaning out the library, setting up the library, CENTRIKID, day trips, and MOVING! Did I mention I was also in grad school this whole year and I had the most terrible class ever during July?!


I was relieved , nervous, and excited to see August. I moved into my house, started my new job, had a month off of school, and met some pretty great friends in Clinton. Also, my little brother was baptized.


Brenden turned 2, so we had a Mickey themed birthday! Football season started- hallelujah! LSU started their dominating season by killing Oregon at Cowboys' Stadium. :-) I traveled to Starkville to watch LSU beat my alma mater :-)


Fall break, State Fair, 2 flat tires, Brad Wing get penalized for taunting after scoring a TD against Florida, friends, jury duty.

Grad school misery, Family Literacy night, my first book fair :/, stomach virus, thanksgiving with the Jones', found out my BFF is pregnant, Mickey on Ice. Oh, and there was this little thing called LSU beat bama in t-town in OT :-)

Finished coursework for grad school, went through an audit at work, had oral surgery, decorated everything for Christmas, LSU won SEC championship after their first undefeated season (geaux tigers), LSU and bama were selected for national championship game, drew Bree's beat marino's record in the dome against the dirty birds and clinched the NFC west, Christmas :-) Topping the year off with a trip to Newks and Yog N Frut with the fam.

What a year it's been! Looking forward to 2012! Graduation from UTA is first on the list!