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Thursday, June 20, 2013

How I'm Spending Summer Break

1. Pinterest.... Not that this is different from any other day, but I am working on something here.... I decided that my boards are over loaded! I have an enormous amount of pins that I will either never actually use or I have no clue that are there. With that said, I have decided to reorganize my pinterest boards. Instead of yummy recipes, I now have yummy breakfast ideas, yummy lunch ideas, and yummy dinner. My teacher board has been broken into about 30 categories. This is not fun at all, but I feel like I will get more use out of pinterest this way. 

2. I decided to plant a pot garden... Not working out so well. My herbs are doing well. My jalapenos are doing well... the strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, and cukes are not. Kind of sad.

3. Cooking! Also nothing new, but I am actually meal planning to help me save money and boost my weight loss! So far, so good! July will be better with the money saving because I will be a little more organized!

4. Reading! I read Diary of A Mad Fat Girl in about 6 hours. It's fantastic! I am dying to read the sequel, but I don't have the money to buy it this month. They have one copy in the entire Hinds Co. Public Library system, but it's checked out right now. I hope it gets turned in soon! 

Other than these 4 things, I am pretty boring. Staying up late, sleeping in, hanging out with friends, playing some games, watching a lot of tv, and doing a good bit of walking. 

Did I mention that I am also facebook stalking all of these people and their pool/beach pictures.... living a glamorous life through the lives of others via facebook!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello World : - )

After a little thinking, I decided I would start blogging again. Lately, I have been experimenting in the kitchen with some of my own recipes and I decide I needed someone to share my experiments with. I also wanted to start blogging again because I am a teacher and a children's minister and I have a lot going on that I would like to share (and then have something to look back on to remember what I did for what lesson). For example, my door decorations, bulletin board ideas, lesson ideas, and ideas for events at church that are, for example, more meaningful to kids than an Easter Egg. It may be a little boring really until next school year starts, but I will need time to practice blogging again.

Warning: I am an English teacher but I overuse commas, never remember to use capitalization, and I am a terrible speller (good thing spell check is my best friend!!).